You’ll notice that there are quite a few brands and types of AC inverters. This is why it may not be so easy to select AC power industrial inverters without some basic information.

There are four important factors to know to select the right AC inverters. They are:

1. Inverter type

AC power industrial inverters come in two types – square wave and sine wave inverters. Of the two, the sine wave AC inverters make a better choice because they are safe for your appliances.

2. Load hours

It’s not the inverter, but its battery that determines its load hours. In other words, it’s the battery’s Ah (ampere-hours) that determines an inverter battery’s load hours.

The higher the Ah, the longer it can power your appliances. For example, a 100Ah inverter battery in a 600VA (volt-ampere) inverter can power your appliances for 1 hour.

Similarly, a 150Ah inverter battery in 600 VA inverters will give you 1 ½ hour of power. The best option when you need an inverter with a higher Ah for longer load hours is to buy an inverter with 2 batteries.

3. The required load capacity

This is an important deciding factor that’s directly linked to the inverter’s capacity for taking a load. The starting capacity for inverters is 600VA and can go all the way to 1000VA for a single battery inverter.

Generally, a 600VA inverter is enough to power the fan, CFL and TV in a single bedroom flat. You need a 1000VA AC inverter to power a 2 BHK flat at full capacity for 2-3 hours. You need a bigger unit if you want to run coolers and other similar appliances.

4. Wiring

While most AC power industrial inverters use aluminum wiring for transformers, it’s better to buy one with longer-lasting copper wiring.