If you’re looking for a way to run electrical equipment from the power system in your vehicle, you will need what’s called a power inverter. Industrial power inverters are an electrical device that uses circuitry to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Like any other device, there are many different inverter manufacturers. Make sure that you select the correct one that will work for you. Some industrial power inverters provide what’s called a modified sine wave. These inverters are only rated to run particular types of equipment because the output fluctuates. This can affect the use of some devices and cause overheating or damage to the unit. If you want an industrial power inverter that will run whatever you plug into it, you would need to look into a pure sine wave power inverter.

The right inverter manufacturer makes a unit that creates a pure sine wave. This sine wave has to go up and down smoothly with a correct phase angle change. When it hits 0 volts, it will change polarity immediately. This creates a smooth transition and the output voltage is stable with no fluctuations. If the voltage goes up and down quickly and then sits at 0 volts for a time before changing polarity, it would be referred to as a modified wave power inverter. This type of inverter can cause issues if you are running equipment that it is not rated for.

Some of the Advantages of a Pure Sine Wave Inverter:

Any telecommunication equipment will have less noise.

Prevent strange printouts, computer crashes, and monitor glitches

No electric motors will run at the right speed and overheat.

Microwaves will cook more quickly.

Will reduce noise in audio amplifiers, fluorescent lights, answering machines, fans, and TVs.

Equipment like appliances last longer.

Whatever equipment you are using, it will run more efficiently and not overheat.

If you are looking for your next tool to help you with your company, pure sine wave industrial power inverters are the way to go.