It is amazing how many kinds of inverters are available for business needs. There are industrial power inverters that provide balanced electrical power when AC power sources are undependable or unavailable. Knowing that well-built sine wave inverters can properly support electrical equipment and appliances in a vehicle, home, or in the field lets quite a few business owners sleep better at night.

Are you tasked with finding a solution to mobile power needs? Thinking outside the box for a flexible way to avoid insufficient or a loss of total power isn’t as hopeless as it seems. Better yet, it doesn’t cost a fortune or require an extensive set-up plan.

Knowing the essential features of various power inverters will provide a guide to developing a designated mobile power system that keeps the day’s work going and customers pleased with the progress.

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters

Consisting of a power inverter, transfer switch, and charger, the pure sine wave inverter connects to incoming electrical power from your local utility company. Batteries are charged as AC power flows through. If the AC is interrupted, the inverter shuts down and the batteries provide power to keep things moving.

Power Inverters

These inverters are a source of power at the office, on production sites, and in fleet and service vehicles. Direct current (DC) power is changed to alternating current (AC) power by an AC/DC inverter. Put another way, it transforms battery power to regular power. It’s a useful way to avoid using noisy generators that are infamous for repetitive maintenance and recovery modes, saving the company (and the customer!) money.

Modified Sine Wave Inverters

The power delivered from modified sine wave inverters is different from that of utility companies. This type of inverter is common, although it doesn’t have the smooth wave of a pure unit. It’s acceptable to use for most devices and pieces of equipment.

Industrial Grade Power Inverter

Heavy power loads can be handled by industrial power inverters. Designed for daily operations, they’re quite common in countries with unstable or unreliable AC power. The device, useful in business and homes, provides a much-needed source of electrical power.

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