What is a modular inverter? Quite simply, they are inverters that are able to be configured to the needs of the end users. How do you know if a modular inverter is a good choice? Will it suit your inversion needs? In an effort to help you make the right choice; here are 4 benefits of choosing industrial modular inverters.

1. Inverter Failure

With the use of two or more inverters into an inverter system, if one of the inverters should fail then the system will not crash. Though you should make sure that you replace or repair the failed inverter as quickly as you can to make sure that you are able to satisfy load requirements you won’t have the added hassle of getting the entire system up and running again. This will enable you to return to business as usual at a higher rate of speed.

2. Hot Swap

As mentioned above; when you replace an inverter without shutting off the power to the inverter system, it’s called “hot swapping”. This allows those companies that rely on their systems being operable at all times to change out their inverters without having to shut their systems down. This is a critical asset to places such as data centers, manufacturers, and hospitals.

3. Expandable Power Levels

A major benefit of using a modular inverter system is the ability to add new inverters in order to increase your load capacity. Side benefits include: Increase load capacity without replacing one inverter for another inverter and the fact that you don’t need to worry about having to order specialty inverters to cover a high capacity load. Simply add another inverter to expand.

4. Customized Inverter Option

For those that want a customized inverter, it’s important to know that stock inverters aren’t your only options. It may benefit you to have a custom inverter designed specifically for your particular system. For this and other questions to be answered you should contact an experienced manufacturer.

Is A Modular Inverter the Right Choice For You?

If you’re uncertain as to whether modular inverters are the right choice for you or are unsure of the installation or operation requirements then do not hesitate to call us today. Dial (800) 886-4683 for an experienced inverter specialist. You can also use our contact form for any questions that you may have. We have been manufacturing one of the best industrial inverters on the market today. Let us put our years of experience to work for you.