Most companies and organizations that implement industrial grade power inverters are highly interested in the overall quality of the equipment, and they should be. Acquiring industrial grade inverters often requires a significant investment, and the function the equipment fulfills is often crucial to the business productivity of the user. That is why it’s important for parties that are in the market for a new power inverter to carefully assess the equipment they would purchase.

The Impact of the Manufacturer

Several criteria can be used to evaluate the overall quality of power inverters, one of the most important of which is the characteristics of the inverter manufacturer that produces the equipment you plan to buy. When your company or organization comes to the point of deciding which inverter manufacturer to buy from, making the following four considerations will help you select the best inverter manufacturer for your present and future electricity conduction needs.

1.Product Certifications

Some users don’t require an inverter that has special product certifications, while others do.

If you fall into the latter group, implementing an inverter that lacks the certifications you need could result in the equipment operating inefficiently or prematurely failing due to being used beyond its capacity. For example, an inverter whose environment demands that the inverter have a NEBS Level 3 certificate will definitely need the certificate to fulfill its normal lifespan.

2.Parts Selection

Does the inverter manufacturer choose its own parts and oversee the production process for quality control, or does the company outsource the process to a third party that selects parts? While the latter situation doesn’t automatically result in a product of lesser quality, a company that performs parts selection and oversees the production process is often better equipped to answer any technical questions you may have about specific parts or the product as a whole.

3.Equipment Grade

Power inverters fall into three basic grades of equipment: residential grade, commercial grade, and industrial grade. Because inverters that fall into the first two grades often cost less than industrial grade equipment, the industrial user is naturally inclined to consider whether a residential grade or a commercial grade inverter would suffice. In most cases, the answer is no. The user needs a product that is constructed to meet the needs of an industrial environment.

4.Custom Equipment

Most parties that need power inverters don’t require custom equipment, but there are also plenty of cases in which the creation of custom equipment is justified. An unusually large load size, unusual airborne contaminants in the operating environment, and unusual temperatures in the operating environment are three examples of factors that justify the creation of custom equipment. We can provide you with an inverter that is customized for your work environment.

Need an industrial Power Inverter?

If your company or organization needs to implement an industrial power inverter, Exeltech is an inverter manufacturer that you can feel confident about buying the product from. We produce power inverters that contain only the best parts and feature elite product certifications, including the NEBS Level 3 certification. We can also supply custom designed inverters that are fully tested to ensure that they meet all of your unique electricity conduction requirements.

For assistance choosing the right inverter, call us today at (800) 886-4683, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to supplying you with a best in class power inverter!