Most inverters that are sold in the U.S. are ready-made models that a company can implement without making alterations to the equipment. However, there are also plenty of occasions when companies need a custom inverter that is specially designed to meet the needs of the operating environment.If you think that you may need a custom inverter, but you would like more information about the device before you make a purchase, the answers below should be helpful.

How do I know whether I need a custom product?

For most companies, the fact that they need a custom product is obvious for one simple reason: no matter how long they shop for an inverter that meets their needs, they cannot find one. In this situation, it is better to consult with an inverter manufacturer about whether a custom product is needed instead of buying ready-made equipment that comes the closest to meeting your needs.

Can all inverter manufacturers create a custom product?

Because they are in business to make money quickly, many manufacturers don’t invest the time and expertise required to create custom products. However, there are also manufacturers that care about customer service as much as they care about bolstering the bottom line. companies that create custom products typically advertise this fact on their business website.

Does a custom product cost more than a ready-made one?

It depends on the requirements for the product. If the manufacturer must implement special measures that are not a part of the normal manufacturing process, a custom product may cost a bit more than a ready-made one. However, making the extra investment is almost always worth it, as using a custom inverter can reduce the need for repairs and replacement products.

Do custom inverters come with the same warranty as readymade ones?

Most manufacturers that create custom products package them with the same warranty — or a similar type of warranty — that applies to readymade equipment. Because a warranty is ultimately a form of investment protection, it is important to purchase a custom product from a manufacturer that will repair or replace the product if it malfunctions during a warranty period.

What if I need a custom product and use a ready-made one instead?

Using a product that is not perfectly suited to the application poses some inherent risks, including: the equipment becoming “fried” because it is not rated to carry the necessary load, downtime in the work environment that results from the malfunctioning inverter, and the need to purchase a new inverter when the previous one fails during service and is judged a total loss.

Will maintenance providers know how to service a custom product?

Most maintenance providers that specialize in servicing electricity conduction equipment possess the technical expertise to service a wide array of products, including custom equipment. If you need help selecting a maintenance provider for your inverter, ask the manufacturer to recommend a maintenance provider that can service the equipment.

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Unlike ready-made inverters that are designed to meet the needs of a large swath of customers, custom inverters are typically designed for the needs of a single customer. If are not sure of whether you need a customer inverter or a ready-made model that is pre-designed to meet a certain set of needs, Exeltech will help you make the right decision.

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