Most companies and organizations that need power inverters initially shop for readymade products that are ready to ship after the order is placed. For many parties, a readymade inverter offers the necessary electricity conduction requirements for the work environment. However, there are also cases when custom power inverters are the optimal choice. If you think that you may need a custom inverter, but you want more information about custom power inverters before you start the buying process, take some time to read the questions and answers below.

Does a custom inverter typically cost more than a predesigned one?

Specially designed inverters often require a bigger investment than pre-designed ones. The reason why is fairly simple: The supplier must create and implement a plan for custom design — a plan that deviates from the normal product process and thus requires more time and effort.

What happens if you need a custom product and used a standard one?

It depends on the characteristics of the operating environment. However, standard equipment typically performs less efficiently in environments that demand custom equipment, the end result of which is an inverter that fails to meet your needs and often fails to fulfill its expected lifespan.

After placing the order, how long does it take to receive a custom product?

The turnaround time for custom power inverters depends primarily on the work processes of the manufacturer, particularly how much time it devotes to creating custom equipment. The best way to determine expected turnaround time is simply to make an inquiry with the manufacturer.

Does custom equipment come with the same warranty as standard equipment?

A manufacturer that is confident about the performance and longevity of its custom made equipment will cover the hardware with a warranty that is similar to or the same as the warranty it applies to predesigned equipment. Some manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties.

Does custom made equipment include custom made equipment housing?

Creating custom made equipment housing is frequently a part of the custom design process. In fact, the need for special equipment housing is sometimes the main justification for ordering a specially manufactured product. This is especially the case in industrial work environments.

Does the need for a certain product certification require the custom equipment?

It depends on the certification that is needed. For example, if you need an inverter that has NEBS certification, you should be able to buy it as readymade equipment. However, if you need unique certifications that your state or municipality requires, you may need a custom design.

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