Why is it that some companies go out of their way to make clever descriptive titles for some of their products? Part of the reason is to convince the consumer that their line has more power and life expectancy than that of other companies. The result is confusing, however. Take, for example, Exeltech’s 2K watt power inverters. The device has that name because inverter power is rated in watts. Yet, various companies use Volt-Amps (VA) to rate their inverters. Although the Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS, seems larger because of the VA measurement, it’s just window dressing rather than a realistic comparison.

The XP series delivers the cleanest, best regulated true sine wave inverters when compared to other DC inverters in today’s market. The primary DC to DC converter uses a specially designed non-linear control loop to achieve pure output with any load. A total of three circuits protects the inverter from overloading. The intricate functions and design of the XP-2000 (2K) power inverter allows a three-second supply of double the usual output power when supplying in-rush currents to electronic loads or starting a motor.

Pre-designed and custom power inverters look nearly the same. The differences are often in things you don’t see, including equipment certifications, performance specifications and construction materials. It’s important to find out as much as possible about each brand’s 2K watt power inverters before selecting a company to design custom items for your company. Here are a few questions to ask, followed by the common response.

1. Why is custom equipment more expensive than standard equipment?

It takes additional skill and time to design and build custom power inverters. Using stock equipment when custom is needed, however, can lead to equipment failure and additional expenses.

2. How long will it take to receive a single custom inverter?

It depends on the manufacturer’s capacity and how the product is returned to you. Although some devices may take up to three weeks, typical turnaround is usually three to four days.

3. My company’s location is in an area that requires certifications. Can this requirement be met with custom equipment?

Yes. Different kinds of electricity conduction equipment, including custom inverters, can be designed for RoHS, TUV – TL9000, and NEBS Level 3 compliance.

Discuss what you need and how it will be used with the manufacturer before reaching an agreement. Ask about warranties and the best way to keep them in force. At Exeltech, we’ll help you locate a stock model when a custom inverter isn’t needed. Call 800-886-4683 today to find out more about our services and products.