Your car modular inverter is pretty much like any other electronic gadget you may own and use. It may be working today, and suddenly stop functioning another day. Sometimes the problem may be something major, warranting buying a new unit altogether for your vehicle.

However, there are also times when the problem may be a small problem that you can easily fix if you know what the problem is. Here is the main reason for modular inverters not working in cars, which is because of the absence of power.

Check connections

Modular inverters convert DC power to AC power in your car or RV. It helps you safely power and use your electronic gadgets like mobile phone and microwave. It will not work if there is no power reaching it, which means a faulty connection may be the reason for it not working.

In short, you first have to ensure that the connection between the inverter and battery is in good working order. There shouldn’t be any corrosion or shorts in the power and ground wires and check for any in-line fuses or fuse box fuses.

Look for warning indicators

Some industrial power inverters give a warning sign through an indicator light or warning tone if things are wrong. It could be a low input voltage, which is when you need to change batteries. Sometimes the alternator may not charge properly, which is a problem you need to take care of before going on your next road trip.

Buy the best

This is why you must buy and use the best modular inverters with warning indicators like this. They at least inform you of possible faults before you head off on your trip.

This reduces possible complications and disturbances. Companies like Exeltech take great pride in selling the best inverters for your residential, traveling and industrial use.