Industrial power inverters have an important role in ensuring your electrical gadgets work safely. They help by converting Direct Current to Alternating Current, safe power for running most electrical appliances like laptops, microwaves and even refrigerators.

With most electronics working off alternating current, it’s but natural that you have one to use at home, in industries and even on the road. While inverters are truly useful, they do have their share of limitations.

Don’t forget power surges

For example, the amount of power it can convert is limited by the inverter manufacturers’ design and capacity. Even the way the inverter is connected to your home, car’s or industry’s electrical system also affects its working.

This is because some appliances, like a refrigerator, tend to consume more electricity on the first run and work intermittently during use. This can be problematic when the inverter isn’t big enough to handle this power surge.

The problem occurs mostly in car inverters, which is why it has to be installed properly. There are three main things you need to consider before pulling the trigger here.

  1. You need to calculate the total portable device power requirements. This is essential because the inverter should be powerful enough to supply power to all the devices if used together.
  2. It is true that it’s possible to install the inverter about anywhere you want in your vehicle. However, you need to think accessibility when looking for a suitable location. You also need to consider how you plan to connect it to power and ground and if it is safe to dissipate the heat generated with time.
  3. Last but not least, check the inverter manufacturers’ wiring issues. This is because small inverters are designed to be plugged directly into a cigarette lighter or accessory socket. There are also the larger industrial power inverters that need to be wired directly to the battery with a large in-line fuse.

Don’t worry if you get confused with this. Many inverter manufacturers like Exeltech are more than ready to help you to select the right inverters for your vehicle for a hassle-free ride.