Pure sine wave inverters frequently play a crucial role in the operating environments of companies and organizations that use them. Consequently, it is important to make sure that inverters are properly maintained to preserve their daily functionality and anticipated lifespan. One way to do this is by cleaning the equipment on a scheduled basis. If you need a cleaner for the inner workings of your sine wave inverter, look for one that has the following characteristics.

Dielectric Formulation

A dielectric is a material that functions as an electrical insulator that can be polarized when an electrical field is applied. That is, the material prevents electricity from flowing through it, as it would flow through a conductor. Using a cleaner that has a dielectric formulation is especially important when cleaning pure sine wave inverters that must remain energized during cleaning.


Using a cleaner that leaves behind a residue can compromise the effectiveness of the cleaning operation, as the residue is likely to attract dirt and grime to the components that it coats. In addition, residue can inhibit the efficient flow of electricity between electrical contacts and the components that they energize, especially when the residue contains a dielectric material.

Quickly Evaporates

When cleaning metal components in pure sine wave inverters that are nearly impossible to dry by hand, it is essential to use a cleaner that quickly evaporates after application. A cleaner with this characteristic typically contains no water and thus helps prevent the oxidation of metal components. Fast evaporating cleaners can also help reduce solvent waste removal expense.


Depending on what they are, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) may or may not negatively affect your inverter’s components, but they will negatively affect workers who apply cleaning solutions that contain HAPs, especially in the absence of high-level personal protective equipment (PPE) and a special ventilation system that is designed to remove HAP emissions from the work area.

Contact Ecolink for Assistance

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