For many companies, buying a power inverter requires several considerations. Because the device is almost always purchased based on need, it is important for first-time buyers to develop a checklist that helps them select the right equipment for their electricity conduction needs.

If this is your first-time purchasing a power inverter, take some time to review the following considerations that can have a major impact on the type of equipment you need. For additional assistance with selecting an inverter, contact the inverter specialists at Exeltech.

1. Intended Application

Some inverters are made for special applications, such as grid tie models that are designed to “tie” the electrical system of a structure to the power grid and solar inverters that are designed to convert Direct Current (DC) solar energy in Alternating Current (AC) that can be used to power part or all of a structure. Before you make a purchase, define the application for the equipment.

2.Load Capacity

The equipment you choose must have enough load capacity to support the electrical load for the electrical system it serves. Inverters that lack enough load capacity tend to wear out prematurely and force the user to invest in the type of equipment that it should have invested in to begin with. Make sure that an inverter has at least enough capacity to handle the load.

3.Operating Conditions

If your inverter will operate under harsh conditions, you may need equipment that is specially designed for those conditions. In most cases, an inverter that has a Level 3 Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification is sufficient to withstand adverse conditions in the operating environment, such as vibration, airborne contaminants, and unusual acoustics.

4.Product Certifications

NEBS certification is just one example of a product certification that your inverter may need to operate efficiently and safely. Other examples of certifications that the equipment may need include Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) certification and TUV – TL900 certification. If you need assistance identifying which certifications you need, Exeltech is here to help.

5.Technical Assistance

If your organization doesn’t have an electrical department, you may need assistance choosing the right product and implementing it in the proper manner. If so, it is important to choose a seller that provides customers with technical assistance before and after the sale. If your company does have an official electrical department, you can probably skip over this consideration.

Contact Exeltech

Selecting the right type of power inverter isn’t rocket science, but it does require some careful considerations in terms of how the equipment will be used, the load capacity it needs, the conditions under which it will operate, whether it needs certain types of product certifications, and whether you will require technical assistance before and/or after the sale.

For additional assistance selecting the right inverter, call the inverter specialists at Exeltech at (800) 886-4683 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to assisting you!