If you perform a Google search for the term “power inverter”, you will soon find that page after page of search results have listings for inverter manufacturers, all of which claim their equipment is the best for one reason or another. How do you know which inverter manufacturer to choose?

For many companies, making the right choice begins with asking specific questions about inverter manufacturers and their products, such as the questions below. If the answers to these questions don’t supply all the information you need, Exeltech is here to help. Just call us at (800) 886-4683, and we will answer your questions about inverter manufacturers and their products.

Is it safe to buy from a company that outsources the manufacturing process?

Most companies prefer to buy from manufacturers that perform the manufacturing process with minimal assistance from third parties. The reason why is simple: These manufacturers have more direct control over quality control, and thus inspire more confidence in the customer.

What type of warranty should I expect to receive with a new power inverter?

Warranties for power inverters can last anywhere from between a few months to several years. Ultimately, the warranty you receive depends on the type of product you purchase and how profitable the seller finds it to offer extended warranties versus offering short-term warranties.

About how much can I expect to pay for a well-designed power inverter?

Because the price of inverters varies widely based on their construction grade, certifications, and whether they are predesigned or custom designed, it is difficult to estimate precisely how much money you should set aside for an inverter purchase. Defining what you need in an inverter, and then shopping for that inverter at several sellers, will help you estimate price.

If readymade inverters don’t meet my needs, can I opt for a custom inverter?

It depends on the inverter manufacturer from which you buy the product. Some manufacturers only sell readymade inverters that are designed for specific sets of needs, while others sell both pre-designed equipment and custom equipment. Shopping at a seller that offers both is a smart idea, as the company has no reason to be dishonest about the type of equipment you need.

Should I invest in a product that has a NEBS certificate, or is it really necessary?

Whether an inverter needs a Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certificate is determined by the environment in which it operates. Certification is offered as Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3, the latter of which is the most popular, as it applies to inverters that withstand a various adverse conditions. Exeltech can tell you whether your inverter need a NEBS certificate.

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