An inverter manufacturer usually earns most of its revenue from selling stock equipment that is ready for immediate shipment and implementation. In some cases, a large percentage of the remaining revenue comes from the sale of custom equipment, which is manufactured to meet the needs of a particular customer.

Even if you aren’t in the market for a custom inverter today, there are three good reasons to form a relationship with an inverter manufacturer that offers custom power inverters in addition to the stock model that may meet your current needs: your inverter’s load size could change, conditions in the equipment’s operating environment could change, and choosing a custom equipment producer expedites receiving custom equipment if you end up needing it.

1. Load Size Could Change

A significant increase in the electricity load an inverter carries is a common reason for replacing stock equipment with custom equipment. For example, if a manufacturing line is overhauled with new equipment that requires significantly more wattage than the previous equipment, an inverter that serves the line may need to be customized to carry an unusually large load.

2. Conditions in the Operating Environment Could Change

Changing conditions in the operating environment of an inverter is another situation that requires the creation of custom equipment. Examples of new, adverse conditions in a work environment that could necessitate using a custom inverter include: airborne contaminants, extreme temperatures, increased moisture, vibration, and usual acoustics, to name just a few.

3. Faster Turnaround for Custom Orders

In the event that you need a custom inverter, already having a business relationship with a company that can manufacture one will reduce turnaround time for the equipment, as the need to search for a new inverter manufacturer that offers customizations in eliminated. Concerning productivity, this alone is reason to choose a manufacturer of custom equipment from the start.

Make Us Your Trusted Inverter Manufacturer

Exeltech manufactures industrial grade inverters for various applications. In addition to offering best in class stock equipment, we also produce custom equipment that’s designed for specific requirements. In addition, all of our inverters are available with certification for NEBS Level 3, RoHS 1, and/or TUV – TL9000. If you need a stock inverter, we are happy to supply it, but we’ll also provide you with a custom model, if ever you have the need for one.

For assistance selecting equipment or to place an order, please call us today at (800) 886-4683, or complete this form to email our sales department. We look forward to supporting your electricity conduction needs!