As Americans, we live in a consumerist economy, where the advice to “shop around” before we buy something is engrained in our psyche. But the key to making the right purchase involves more than exploring all the options; it requires knowing what you’re looking for, as you explore those options. That’s why we’re taking the time to present four essential characteristics you should look for in an inverter supplier, as you go about making your final decision.

1. Years of Experience

Investment advisors often recommend doing business with entities that have at least three years of experience, because that’s how long it takes many businesses to become truly profitable. This recommendation is a good rule of thumb for choosing an inverter supplier, too. You should ideally choose a supplier that has proven year after year that it’s products are worth using.

2. Custom Equipment

A stock model power inverter may address your electricity conduction needs for the time being, but what if you installed new equipment that required an inverter that could carry an exceptionally high electricity load? The answer is that you would probably be in the market for a custom inverter. This type of scenario is why it’s a good idea to go with a supplier that accepts custom orders, even if you presently don’t require custom options.

3. Equipment Certifications

In some municipalities, inverters that are used in certain capacities are legally required to have  specific equipment certifications (RoHS certification, for example). There are also cases when an inverter needs a specific certification simply to perform well under adverse operating conditions (NEBS Level 3 certification, for example). Before you choose an inverter supplier, be sure the company offers the certifications you require or could foreseeably need in the future.

4. Great Technical Support

Most inverter suppliers provide the technical support you need to purchase the right equipment. But, after the sale closes, installing the hardware and troubleshooting it is up to you and your maintenance crew. If you think you might need some guidance for installing and maintaining your inverter, choose a supplier that offer post-sale technical support in addition to pre-sale technical support.

Looking for a New Inverter Supplier?

If you need a dependable inverter supplier, Exeltech is a great choice for several reasons, notably: We have 25 years of experience in the industry, offer best-in-class stock equipment and custom equipment, and supply equipment that has the following performance certifications: RoHS, NEBS Levels 1-3, and TUV – TL9000. To learn more about our products, please browse through our website, or give us a call today at (800) 886-4683.