If you need a new power inverter, you’ll almost certainly buy it from an inverter supplier. But which supplier is the right option for your needs? Can one supplier really be that much better than another? There are at least four ways to answer the question. Below, we list four essential considerations for choosing an inverter supplier.

1. Types of Inverters Created

What type of inverter do you need for the work environment where the inverter will operate: an industrial grade model, a commercial grade model, or a residential grade model? In addition, what type of waveform should the inverter have: square wave, modified sine wave, or sine wave? These questions are good examples of how an inverter supplier can offer different types of equipment and capabilities than its competitors.

2. Manufacturer Vs. Vendor

Does an inverter supplier manufacture the equipment it sells, or does it operate as a vendor that sells equipment from a manufacturer? There’s nothing inherently wrong with buying from a vendor instead of a manufacturer, but the latter can often provide more detailed information about the equipment than the former. This information can be especially resourceful in helping you choose an inverter that best meets your electricity conduction needs.

3. Equipment Certifications

Do you need certain equipment that has special certifications, such as NEBS Level 3, RoHS, and TUV – TL9000? If so, finding a supplier that offers the equipment certifications you need should be a top priority. In addition to providing a high level of operability for an inverter, equipment certifications are commonly needed to address federal, state, or municipal code requirements.

4. Custom Equipment Options

Many organizations start shopping for an inverter without knowing whether they need a custom inverter or a standard, stock model inverter. This is why it’s important to choose an inverter supplier that offers both stock equipment and custom equipment. If you need a custom design, the supplier has no reason to try to sell you a stock model instead, or vice versa.

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