After spending so much on your industrial power inverters, you naturally work to ensure they remain in good repair, and in working condition all the time. This is possible only with regular maintenance and servicing.

The problem now arises on who you should hire for maintaining your industrial power inverters. You can choose between your inverter manufacturer’s team or OEM (original equipment manufacturer), or some other professional third-party service provider.

You will be able to make a better and more informed choice if you thoroughly understand everything about the two options.

Technical expertise

If you are looking for someone who is more technically experienced, your inverter manufacturer technicians are a better choice. They are well versed with the ins and outs of your inverter, and may even have spare parts available on hand because they had manufactured the inverters.

They may not be an ideal choice but if you have and use different inverters from different brands. This is because OEM technicians usually specialized in only maintaining their brand inverters.

So if your company uses different brands of inverters, it’s better to look for a third party service provider who can service different brands of inverters.


If you are picky about rates, third-party professionals are a cheaper option. However, this benefit is useful only if you opt for third-party professional maintenance from the beginning.

If you first had a service contract with one of the original inverter manufacturers, and later change to the cheaper third party vendors, you may end up having to pay a penalty or higher fees.

This is because some service contracts with the inverter manufacturers may have a clause specifically mentioning this. So make sure you always read the service contract from your vendor, and get clarification on anything you do not understand in it to prevent unwanted confusion.