Industrial power inverters get their name from being manufactured to withstand stressors found in industrial work environments. However, choosing an industrial inverter involves more than simply buying an industrial grade piece of equipment. If this is your first time shopping for an industrial power inverter, the answers below may provide the information you need.

Should I buy from a vendor or the manufacturer?

It’s usually a good idea to buy from the manufacturer for three reasons: The product doesn’t have the vendor’s price markup, the manufacturer knows its products better than a vendor, and some vendors don’t carry a manufacturer’s full line of products.

What are modular inverters and their advantages?

A modular inverter is made from independent but connected parts. The construction style gives the inverter several characteristics that are valuable in any operating environment, including: redundancy, scalability, power density, and hot swapping capability, to name a few.

Why is NEBS certification important for inverters?

NEBS certification — particularly Level 3 certification — is important for inverters that are exposed to unusually adverse operating conditions, such as high moisture density and airborne contaminants. Level 1 and Level 2 certification are typically used for test purposes and data center environments, respectively.

What’s the normal lifespan of industrial inverters?

When they are used and maintained properly, most industrial power inverters deliver a lifespan of 10 years or longer. Because the reliability of inverters can differ from one manufacturer to another, it’s best to inquire about lifespan with the manufacturer of the product you plan to buy.

What’s the typical price tag for industrial inverters?

Industrial inverters range in price from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars — and sometimes more. Price increases with the size and capabilities of the equipment. For example, a 260,000 Watt inverter typically costs more than a 75,000 Watt inverter.

What type of warranty do industrial inverters have?

The warranty you receive depends on the manufacturer you buy from. It could range anywhere from a few months to a few years — and there may be an option to upgrade the warranty package to receive a longer period of coverage.

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