Have you been looking for industrial power inverters that provide the proper energy source for assorted electronic equipment within your business? ExelTech has manufactured various types of inverters for nearly three decades. Product design and your facility layout are two important factors taken into consideration when developing the optimum items. Keeping costs affordable is another, which is why we may recommend modular inverters instead of the purchase of an industrial grade power inverter. Following are four ways end users can save money without reducing performance.

1.Installation Made Easy

It’s simpler to install modular inverters because their dimensions are standardized. Customers can easily identify the amount of rack and/or floor space needed for housing the equipment. The inverter is placed into any of the spaces that meet the size requirement. Quick, accurate installation results in your equipment being back in operation faster than previous experiences.

2.Make the Right Choice

Custom equipment generally costs more than stock modular inverters. Modular inverters, although pricey, provide less sticker shock when replacement is needed. At ExelTech, we make it simpler for you to make the right choice by looking over your business requirements. There is no charge for this service. If a custom inverter is required, we’ll explain why it is recommended rather than a less expensive model.

3.Maintenance and Repair is Easier

Modular inverters are easy for your workers to maintain due to:

  • Standard dimensions.
  • Apparatuses.
  • Easy-to-follow owner’s manual instructions.

Getting a repair part is also easy. The end user simply orders one of the available stock components and swaps the new modular inverter for the bad one.

4.Hot Swapping

Hot swapping is performed without shutting down the equipment powered by the inverter. It reduces downtime through a seamless, simplified installation.

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