Custom industrial power inverters are designed to meet the needs of specific users. However, the wide range of available customizations often leads prospective buyers to ask several questions, as they go about choosing a custom model that meets their requirements. Below are six questions that are commonly asked about industrial power inverters prior to the sale.

Q: Should I invest in more load capacity than I currently need?

If you foresee the need for more load capacity due to changes that push more voltage through your inverter, it’s a smart idea to invest in equipment that could handle the new load. Industrial power inverters typically have a long life. The further into the future you can anticipate load changes, the better.

Q: Do custom inverters come with standard product certifications?

Yes. Custom inverter manufacturers commonly offer custom equipment that comes with industry standard product certifications. Examples include RoHS certification, NEBS certification, and TUV – TL900 certification.

Q: Is customizing the equipment housing of an inverter an option?

Yes. Equipment housing can be customized to many ends. Examples include: housing that prevents particulate matter (e.g., wood dust) from invading internal components, rigid housing for inverters that operate in hard hat zones, and easy-to-remove housing that simplifies maintenance for inverters that must be serviced more often than normal.

Q: Can third party maintenance provider service custom inverters?

It ultimately depends on the characteristics of your inverter and the service provider you choose. However, customizations typically don’t change an inverter to the degree that an experienced maintenance provider would not know how to service the equipment.

Q: Do custom inverters have the same warranty as stock inverters?

It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most manufacturers offer a custom inverter warranty that is the same as ― or similar to ― the warranty for stock models. When shopping for a manufacturer, be sure to compare warranty options as a part of the selection process.

Q: If I need a custom inverter now, does it mean I’ll always need one?

Not necessarily. Even if your needs don’t change, there’s always a chance that a manufacturer will innovate a new stock model that meets your requirements. With that said, if your current requirements necessitate a custom model, there’s a strong chance that you will require custom equipment in the future, as well.

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