The majority of companies and organizations that purchase power inverters buy equipment that is pre-designed to meet the needs of a broad range of users. However, there is also a significant percentage of users whose needs are not met by pre-designed models.

Instead of purchasing an inverter off the shelf, as it were, these parties need to have a custom inverter manufacturer create a custom inverter that meets a special set of needs. For these users, it is important to know the pros and potential cons of investing in a custom inverter instead of one that’s pre-designed.

Pro: Designed for Your Specific Needs

When it comes to electricity conduction equipment, almost nothing is more frustrating than a piece of equipment whose design is insufficient for the final application and causes problems in the electrical system. When an inverter is custom-made for your needs, you avoid this situation.

Con: May Cost More Than a Standard Inverter

Because the supplier needs to specially engineer a custom product, more time and effort typically goes into creating the product than is put toward creating a pre-designed product. However, the price difference is seldom exorbitant, and you receive an inverter that is guaranteed to match up with your needs.

Pro: Can Experience a Longer Lifespan

Many power inverters experience an abnormally short lifespan and fail during service simply because they aren’t designed to withstand conditions in the operating environment (large load, heavy vibration, high moisture, etc.) Installing an inverter that does stand up to operating conditions virtually guarantees that it will fulfill its normal lifespan, and maybe then some.

Con: May Need to Perform Maintenance In-House

Depending on how customized the inverter is, it may be difficult for inverter technicians to maintain it, especially if they are accustomed to working with standard models from certain brands. One of the easiest and least expensive ways around this problem is to train your maintenance staff to perform scheduled maintenance on the equipment.

Pro: Lower Long-Term Maintenance Costs

If you choose to train your in-house technicians to maintain your company or organization’s custom inverter, you won’t need to hire a third party technician to do the work. If you don’t staff maintenance workers, third party service may be the only option. However, if maintenance can be performed in house, it could potentially save thousands of dollars annually.

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Buying a specially designed inverter from a custom inverter manufacturer has major benefits, such as the fact that the equipment is designed for your specific needs, can experience a longer lifespan than inverters that are not a good fit for your needs, and may reduce the cost of inverter maintenance when the process can be performed in house. There are also some potential drawbacks, such as the fact that the inverter may cost more than a standard model, and the reality that the equipment may need to be maintained in-house due to its unique design.

If you aren’t sure whether your company or organization needs a pre-designed inverter or one that is custom made, the inverter specialists at Exeltech are here to help. We serve our customers by providing both pre-designed inverters and inverters that are custom made.

If it turns out that you need a custom inverter, we’ll serve as your trusted custom inverter manufacturer and produce a piece of equipment that is specially designed for your needs.

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