Most inverters are sold in a pre-designed state that makes them ready to implement in the electrical system immediately after the purchase. However, readymade inverters don’t meet the electricity conduction needs of all customers.

Often, these customers need custom inverters that are designed to address their unique electricity conduction needs. Below are four common reasons why companies may need custom inverters instead of equipment that is ready to implement immediately.

Load Capacity

The electrical load that an inverter must support is one of the main determinants of whether the equipment needs to be custom designed. In terms of load size, the most common situation that dictates the need for a custom product is an unusually large load that conventional inverters aren’t designed to support. Implementing a product that has the right load capacity is essential for maximizing the equipment’s lifespan and ensuring that it performs as expected.

Adverse Conditions

Another reason why companies need custom inverters pertains to adverse conditions in the operating environment, such as airborne contaminants, vibration, and moisture, to name a few. In many cases, a custom designed inverter that has a Level 3 Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) is the perfect solution for adverse conditions in the operating environment that conventional inverters cannot handle.

Special Regulations

Regulations at the federal, state, and municipal level, as well a company regulations, can determine the type of inverter a customer must use, and how the equipment must be implemented. If regulations are hamstringing your company’s ability to find the right type of equipment, the easiest solution may be to have a inverter manufacturer produce a custom device that is tailored to your needs.

Previous Inverter Failure

Some companies come to the point of purchasing a custom inverter only after a series of non-custom inverters have had trouble supporting the final application. If this is the position your company is in, chances are that its previous inverters were not mechanically faulty. A likelier explanation is that you need equipment that is tailored to meet the unique electrical needs or your organization.

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