The vast majority of power inverters are purchased as stock products that are available for immediate shipment, but there is also a significant percentage of companies and organizations that require custom inverters for one reason or another. If it is determined that you require a custom model, there are three customizations to consider including in the design of the product, even if the manufacturer doesn’t consider them absolutely necessary. We explain why below.

1. Reinforced Equipment Housing

The primary function of equipment housing is to protect the inner workings of the equipment that operates just behind the housing. Consequently, opting for reinforced housing is a good option for protecting your investment and increasing the reliability of the equipment. Reinforced equipment housing is especially beneficial for inverters that operate in industrial hard hat environments and similar types of environments where falling objects could cause damage.

2. Capability to Exceed Load

Because the electricity load an inverter must carry can change quickly when new electrical equipment is introduced, it is typically a good idea to use an inverter whose load size gives you excellent flexibility to make equipment changes. In the end, having an inverter with a high load rating can prevent you from needing to buy a new inverter to accommodate increased load size. It can also eliminate the premature failure of an inverter that isn’t designed to carry the load.

3. NEBS Level 3 Certification

Level 3 Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification is available in stock models, too. Even so, it is still an option to consider for custom inverters for one simple reason: NEBS Level 3 certified inverters are designed to perform flawlessly under conditions that would cause standard inverters to fail prematurely. Examples include airborne contaminants, heavy vibration, unusual temperatures, and unusual acoustics, just to name four of many.

Need Advice on Custom Inverters?

If so, contact the inverter specialists at Exeltech. We sell both stock inverters and custom inverters and recommend the best option based on your unique power inversion requirements. Reinforced equipment housing, a high load rating, and NEBS Level 3 certification are just a few of the options that custom inverters can feature. To learn about additional options, please call us today at (800) 886-4683. our refer to our contact page. We look forward to assisting you!