At a time when many companies seek the smallest footprint for work equipment, custom modular inverters appeal to inverter users. A chassis that holds multiple modular inverters can replace the need to install inverters separately. In addition to helping conserve workspace, modular inverters offer four benefits that users of industrial grade power inverters greatly need.

1. Easy Deployment

Once you have the chassis set up, simply slide your inverters into the open slots, and address any programming requirements for the chassis. After the chassis is up and running, you can “hot swap” inverters, replacing inverters in the chassis with new ones while the chassis runs. This eliminates inverter downtime while changes in inverter operation are made.

2. Highly Scalable

The scalability of modular inverters is one of their main selling points. Depending on the number of slots in the chassis, you can have great control over your inverter infrastructure, scaling it up or down, as needed. This type of flexibility helps you address changing inverter needs affordably, eliminating the need to purchase a new inverter solution whenever you need to change scale.

3. Cost Effective

Customer modular inverters are highly cost effective for two reasons: they don’t require the rigid equipment housing of stand-alone inverters (housing is provided by the chassis), and they are designed to deliver peak performance for your specific applications, which can increase productivity by decreasing inefficiency. Custom inverters may cost more than stock models, but they often deliver the best long-term cost-to-benefit ratio.

4. Reliable Performance

Generally speaking, custom inverters deliver exceptionally reliable performance because they are tailored to your specific needs. Stock inverters frequently cost less than custom inverters, but taking the custom approach eliminates the hassle of trying to make stock models work well when they simply aren’t designed to cover all of the bases.

If your inverters serve business-critical needs, a custom inverter solution offers the gold standard, providing great assurance that a new inverter will perform as expected, from day one forward.

Need Modular Inverters?

If so, Exeltech is one of your top options. We provide an array of stock inverters and routinely manufacture custom models for the needs of specific customers. To buy, order the inverters you need direct from our store, call us at (800) 886-4683, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to providing a modular inverter solution that is perfect for your requirements!