The majority of power inverters that are sold worldwide are pre-made products that ship straight from the manufacturer’s warehouse. With decades of experience behind them, inverter manufacturers have become quite savvy in anticipating the different needs of different customer demographics. But there is always narrow demographic that pre-made inverters don’t reach: companies and organizations that, for one reason or another, need custom power inverters.

Why Are Custom Inverters Needed?

There could be several reasons why a customer needs a piece of custom equipment. Some of the most common reasons why a custom solution is sought include: atypically large load size, the need for unique elements of construction, uncommon operating conditions, and the need for “green” technology that meets the customer’s requirement to invest in eco friendly equipment.

Atypically Large Load Size

When they are strategically placed in commercial and industrial operating environments, inverters sometimes need a load rating that far surpasses the norm. In some cases, the load the equipment must carry is so large that readymade inverters simply are not rated to support it. In this situation, implementing an inverter that has an insufficient load rating is not an option, as it would almost certainly fail prematurely, and could even pose fire safety hazards.

Need for Unique Construction

If you need to place a power inverter in a unique space that the standard shape of inverters would not accommodate (e.g., in a slim space between pieces of production equipment on an assembly line), having a custom product created is likely to be the only option. If you need an inverter that is designed with unique space concerns in mind, Exeltech will work with you to create equipment whose physical profile and service capacity addresses your needs.

Uncommon Operating Conditions

Custom power inverters can be designed to perform under a variety of uncommon operating conditions, such as unusual temperatures, high moisture, and airborne contaminants. However, it may also be possible to account for such conditions by using an inverter that has a Level 3 Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certificate. To learn whether you need a custom inverter or one that has a NEBS Level 3 certificate, contact the inverter specialists at Exeltech.

Need for “Green” Technology

Some companies have policies in place that require them to invest in “green” technology that is environmentally sustainable. For example, when purchasing power conduction equipment, a company may need to buy a product that contains at least 85 percent recyclable parts. When such an inverter cannot be found for sale, a creator of custom power inverters may offer the only alternative: a custom product that is built using materials that meet the recycling requirement.

Considering Ordering a Custom Inverter?

If so, let the inverter specialists at Exeltech examine your needs to assess whether a custom product is truly the only option, or a pre-made product would work, as well. If you need custom equipment, we will work with you to create the perfect product. For more information about our custom inverters, call us today at (800) 886-4683, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to supplying you with equipment that meets your electricity conduction needs!