When they shop for power inverters, companies and organizations have several considerations to make, one of the most important of which is whether to acquire standard inverters that are pres-designed to meet a basic set of needs or custom power inverters that are designed to meet a special set of needs.

If you are on the fence about which of these types of inverters to purchase, the following key differences between standard power inverters and custom power inverters can help you make an educated decision. If you need additional assistance selecting one type of inverter over another, contact the experienced inverter specialists at Exeltech.

Equipment Cost

Depending on the components used and the degree of custom engineering involved, a custom power inverter may have a higher price tag than a standard inverter. However, considering that specially designed models are typically implemented on an as-needed basis, making the extra investment is almost always worth it. You receive a piece of equipment that is specifically tailored to accommodate your needs.

Turnaround Time

Whereas standard inverters roll off of the assembly line and are ready to package and ship, custom models must be specially designed with the conditions of the operating environment in mind. The additional focus on engineering can make lengthen the time it takes to create a custom product compared to producing a standard model. This may increase the window of time between placing your order and receiving the product.

Operating Environment

Receiving a standard inverter in a shorter period of time and for a lower price than a custom inverter may sound appealing, but implementing equipment that isn’t designed for the conditions under which it will operate is pointless. If a conventional product can withstand the conditions, why invest in a custom product? By the same token, if a conventional product can’t handle the operating environment, why not acquire a custom product?

Equipment Longevity

Standard inverters and custom inverters that are manufactured to have the same equipment grade (e.g., commercial grade or industrial grade) typically have similar lifespans. However, you can have more confidence that the equipment will fulfill its lifespan if it is specially designed for the operating environment. Standard models that aren’t created for the operating environment can fail prematurely and require the user to invest in yet another inverter.

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