Custom power inverters are typically purchased out of need. The customer has often tried to use one or more readymade inverters and found that they simply don’t suit the application. Consequently, they reach out to a manufacturer of electricity conduction equipment that has the capacity to create custom power inverters that are tailored to meet their specific needs. Below are some examples of important, special features that custom power inverters can offer.

Unique Product Dimensions

If you need to implement an inverter in a tight space, such as within a slim gap between pieces of equipment on an assembly line, specially designing a product that fits inside the space may be the only option. If you can’t find an inverter whose dimensions match your space requirements, implementing a custom inverter with special dimensions may be easier than reconfiguring the space to accommodate a product that features conventional dimensions.

Reinforced Equipment Housing

Power inverters contain sensitive electronic components that must be well-protected from anything that could damage them, including objects that could hit the equipment with a high level of impact. This concern is especially prominent in environments that require hard hats to protect against falling debris. Custom power inverters can be outfitted with reinforced equipment housing that protects them from impact that might otherwise cause them to malfunction and fail.

Uncommonly High Load Rating

Electrical environments that have an uncommonly high load size are one of the primary reasons that companies and organizations seek out custom inverters. Using an inverter whose load rating is far less than the actual load size can cause the equipment to fail during service, and potentially pose safety issues. If you need an inverter that has an uncommonly high load rating, investing in custom equipment is more cost effective than continually replacing inferior models.

Resistance to Adverse Conditions

Power converters can be customized to resist a variety of adverse conditions in the operating environment, such as high moisture, heavy vibration, unusual acoustics, and airborne contaminants, to name a few. In some cases, adverse conditions can be addressed by implementing an inverter that has a Level 3 Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certificate. In other cases, responding to adverse conditions may require special customizations.

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If your company has tried using predesigned power inverters without any luck, you may be in the market for a custom product. At Exeltech, we specialize in offering both types of equipment. For many of our customers, our readymade inverters deliver the necessary performance capacity. For others, achieving the right performance capacity requires a custom product. For more information about our custom power inverters, call us today at (800) 886-4683.