All industries need industrial power inverters to protect the equipment from damage during outages, and to maintain a continuous power supply. While the need is the same for all industries, there is no rule saying that all industrial equipment should use the same inverters.

Standard inverters fit most industrial applications

The type and size of the inverter depends on your equipment’s power consumption. Most inverter manufacturers manufacture a few standard inverters to fit the most common power equipment needs. These units are reliable, highly efficient, need minimal time for repairs and just perfect for most industrial applications.

In addition to these standard units, many companies today, like Exeltech, customize inverters to your power needs. They can be designed with heavy duty chargers so that they can run for 24 hours, even in extreme environments.

They are usually customized in terms of battery backup, voltage and inverter rating, and are designed for industrial applications to be able to handle high inrush current.

Manufacturers work with customers while customizing inverters

These manufacturers generally work closely with their customers so that they can produce well-customized industrial power inverters. Not only are the inverters customized in terms of power needs, but some of them even let customers discharge the battery if solar energy is not available.

They can be designed to transfer the load to the grid without any battery discharge, and still be ready for use in emergency purposes. As you may have guessed by now, customized inverters are expensive.

Expensive but worth it

The cost is warranted because the manufacturers have to give their individualized attention and time to produce the perfect inverter. Opting for a standard inverter for higher powered equipment will be a waste of your time and money. The inverter will not be able to serve its purpose and practically put you back at square one.