The inverter powers may confuse you if you are a novice and have no prior knowledge about inverters. An inverter mentions two types of power: peak output and continuous. And as a novice, you might not have the slightest idea of what these wattages indicate. 

Let’s make it easy for you to understand what these terms indicate and the difference between the two:

What is peak output power?

The peak output power of an inverter ( or peak surge power) is the wattage or the maximum power that your sine wave inverter can supply for a short duration (a few seconds) when the inverter starts. 

After that, there is a continuous, stable, and constant power supply to operate your appliances, known as continuous output power. 

If the peak power is lower than the continuous power, your inverters will not support any of your devices. So, before you purchase an inverter, check the wattages properly.

For example, if your total power consumption is 800 watts, you require an inverter with a continuous output power of 800. 

But if the inverter has a rating of 800-watt peak output power and 500-watt continuous power output, the inverter won’t be able to power your appliances.

How is peak output power different from continuous output power?

Here are the differences between peak output power and continuous output power:

  • Peak output power is always higher, and it requires a few seconds.


  • Continuous output power is a constant power supply to operate your devices.
  • It is lower than the peak output power.
  • It is required for a longer duration, as long as there is no electric supply.

Significance of peak output power

Some electrical appliances using motors like washing machines, refrigerators, etc., use more starting power than their standard operating power for a few seconds. This is where peak output power has its significance:

  • Peak output power ensures that the power supply can effectively handle load spikes.
  • It also protects the power supply, thus preventing the possible damage from load spikes to the power supply.

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