Are you thinking about buying modular inverters instead of standard industrial power inverters for your industry’s powering needs? Is it because they are cheaper than their bigger counterparts, and you assume there should not be anything wrong in doing so? If yes, you are assuming wrong. There are differed types of inverters, each to be bought and used for its individual uses.

Modular inverters are especially useful in commercial surroundings where there will be some future necessary upgrades. The power capacity of these inverters can be easily increased just by adding a few additional modules.

However, it’s not so easy in terms of industrial power inverters. They are usually the same universal style and size. You may consider investing in a customized industrial power inverter so that you can customize and increase its power load in the future as necessary.

Both types of inverters are susceptible to damage from falling objects. However, the industrial power inverter is more tightly sealed in design, thanks to its stronger and more durable housing option.

Always buy your inverter based on your powering needs. There is no point in buying a huge industrial inverter if a modular inverter is more than enough for your power needs.

On the other hand, buying a modular inverter instead of a standard industrial power inverter will only lead to future damage. This is because modular inverters cannot accommodate as high a power load as industrial power inverters.

Industry power inverters should have a NEBS Level 3 certification, proving that they provide the highest level of protection in some situations. Examples are airborne contaminants, heavy vibration, and excessively high or low temperatures.

You now know why you should not buy modular s instead of standard industrial power inverters. If you need some more information to make an even better choice, just turn to www.exeltech for help and assistance.