AC power industrial inverters are designed to handle everyday heavy loads. They have a wide operating range and can handle both colder temperatures and greater heat. This is why there are so many types and models of AC inverters to fit your power needs and requirements.

AC inverters are ideal for industries needing power back-ups, like telecommunications, manufacturing, commercial buildings, hospitals, and malls. They may not be used in places with non-critical loads, but mostly where power backup is necessary.

The rising emphasis on power management solutions has to lead to most companies providing customers with integrated AC power industrial inverters. You can find inverters running on digital signal processing (DSP), famous for maximum efficiency at full load.

Inverters with LCD displays

There are also inverters with LCD displays displaying information about the inverter’s overall status like load level and battery charge. They are generally preloaded with power managers to audit power quality. They can even give SMS or email alerts and help manage scheduled shutdowns.

Inverters with software

The latest AC power industrial inverters have software that lets you monitor the inverter remotely. They include features such as inbuilt galvanic isolation transformers and auto self-tests.

Some models boast of zero changeover time, automatic boost and trickle charging for better deep discharge battery protection. These AC inverters are ideal for use in telecom, railways, and applications that require a reliable system.

Green AC inverters

There are also ‘green’ inverter manufacturers producing inverters that harness solar power for energy storage. They use maximum power point tracking systems for maximized power production.

Some other inverters around are lift inverters with a high inrush/peak current handling capacity. They work smoothly and silently and come with a compact and well-engineered design.

Pure sine wave inverters

Last but not least, are pure sine wave inverters that offer high and low input voltage protection for all the connected appliances. They also protect the battery from overloading with a battery deep discharge protection feature.