An inverter helps provide uninterrupted supply during a power outage. They store electricity in batteries and convert the DC to AC supply so that you can safely power your appliances.

You may know this, and may also want to buy an inverter.

However, the problem is that there are so many inverters around that you are unsure about which to buy. While you may be confused between square wave, modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters, pure sine wave inverters are the best.

The good news is that any inverter you buy lasts for at least seven years. So as long as you invest in a good brand, it means the inverter will provide you with 7 years of uninterrupted power.

Read on to find out why pure sine wave inverters make a better choice for your home.

1. A pure sine wave is a worthy one-time investment.

Yes, they are indeed a bit more expensive than the other available options. However, it is for a reason- you end up saving more money in the long run!

If you wonder how it’s because your appliances are safe with its power. There is no worry about any repairs on devices, which means that the inverters prolong their lives.

Another reason is that you end up saving more on your monthly electricity bills. After all, these inverters have a true sine wave. It’s similar to the waves you receive from the power station, implying that there is no power loss.

2. Pure sine waves are readily available and can be customized.

You won’t have problems finding pure sine wave inverters because of so many companies manufacturing them.

Buying from a reputed company is always a better option. They provide the best goods and after-sales service that’s integral for your inverters’ longevity.

Companies like Exeltech are a better choice always for their first-class products and expertise in the inverter field. Besides, they are among the many companies known for customizing your inverter as per your power requirements.