It’s when you decide to buy a new industrial power inverter or to upgrade an existing one that you wonder if you should buy an all-in-one inverter/charger system.

If you wonder why, well, most power inverters just take direct current battery power and convert it to Alternating current or AC power. This leads to the battery being discharged, so you have to charge it back up again. You are rid of this hassle if you buy industrial power inverters that come with built-in chargers.

Useful in off-grid situations

These inverters have an internal transfer relay that automatically recognizes when AC power is available. It then automatically bypasses the inverter to supply the batteries with a charge so that it remains fully powered all the time.

This is when the charger shuts down and the transfer relay switched to the inverter power mode when unplugged. It proves helpful in industries where the power source is divided into off-grid and emergency backup.

In the case of off-grid scenarios, there usually is an onsite generator, which is when an inverter/charger is useful. This is because you not only charge while the generator is producing power but it also supplies your power loads. This leads to faster recharge time. It’s not that useful if your only source of power is renewable energy, though.

Isolates power during emergency back ups

Inverter/charger systems are also useful for emergency back up where you can isolate and connect them to your crucial devices. As long as there is stable grid power, it passes through to your devices.

This is where the built-in charger keeps your battery source topped and ready to handle an outage. In short, your crucial devices are automatically powered by the inverter during an outage until grid power resumes or the battery power drains.