In the world of power inverters, sine wave inverters are often considered the gold standard regarding power quality. But what exactly makes these inverters different from other inverters, and why do they ensure power quality?

First, let’s define what a true sine wave inverter is. Simply put, they are electronic devices converting direct (DC) electricity into alternating (AC) electricity in the form of a sine wave. The electric grid supplies this same AC electricity to homes and businesses.

Two unique features of true sine wave inverters

  • Sensitive electronic devices such as computers and televisions are adversely affected by the distorted waveforms produced by other inverter types. 

    On the contrary, these inverters produce output waveforms that closely resemble the natural waveform of alternating current (AC) electricity making them suitable for powering sensitive appliances. 
  • These inverters are generally more efficient than other inverters, because they produce less heat and have lower total harmonic distortion (THD). So, they convert more input energy into usable AC power. 

Two reasons why sine wave inverters provide power quality

You might wonder why these inverters ensure power quality and are considered superior to other inverters. Here are two reasons:

  • They produce AC electricity that is very similar in waveform to the electricity supplied by the electric grid.

    And many electrical devices and appliances, such as computers, televisions, and medical devices, are designed to work optimally with grid-supplied electricity, typically a sine wave. 

    Devices powered by an inverter that produces a different waveform, may not function properly or may even be damaged.
  • These inverters produce stable and consistent AC electricity, which helps prevent problems such as voltage spikes and sags. 

    It is because sine waves have a smooth, regular pattern, whereas other waveforms can be more irregular and erratic. And these regular waveforms prevent sensitive equipment from damage.

    Overall, sine wave inverters are the best choice if you are looking for power quality. These inverters are a great option if you want a reliable power backup source for your home or business needs and are available at affordable prices from Exeltech.