Do you wonder what happens to an inverter in case of low voltage? Do you wonder if you should get a stabilizer for the inverter? Well, it’s good news to know that you don’t need to get stabilizers for true sine wave inverters.

It’s because these home inverters come with an inbuilt high voltage tripper. Most units also have an additional fuse that helps protect the inverter’s internal components from a lightning attack or an accidental double voltage from the grid.

Now don’t assume that 2k watt power inverters function as a stabilizer. They do not. They just cut off the grid power supply when there are high or low voltages. The inverters may also bypass grid power with battery power.

What happens in cases of extremely high voltage?

Things are a bit different during high voltage situations. A high voltage problem is when the voltage frequency exceeds 300volts. You may need to get a voltage stabilizer for your home inverter if it happens. It’s essential if you frequently face extreme high or low voltage problems.

The stabilizer will help by bringing the voltage down to below 280 or 260. This is the ideal voltage working condition for home inviters to operate uninterruptedly without worrying about any auto high-voltage cut-off.

What happens in the case of extremely low voltage problems?

You need to be careful if your current grid voltage is low, usually about 150-160volts. If this happens, you will need to install a double booster stabilizer before the true sine wave inverter. It’s a significant move to make because you will not charge your inverter battery with the gird power without it.

If you don’t install the stabilizer, then there’s the chance of the inverter going to low voltage auto cut-off mode. It then starts drawing power from the battery without your knowing it. You risk your battery life getting shortened significantly because of it.

And in case you experience extreme low voltage problems like 100v to 140v, you should install a triple booster stabilizer for your inverter.

Don’t worry.

Your Exeltech professional will help you in deciding if you need a stabilizer for your inverter. And if you do, they will guide you into buying the best stabilizer.