One of the most critical aspects of the smooth functioning of an industrial facility is effective power management. There are lots of expenses involved in this, which can make handling energy costs and efficiency a daunting process for most managers and executives. Industrial power inverters are a cost-effective option that’s growing in popularity in industries. 

The right inverters, which can store energy for long periods, are especially useful for companies struggling with effective energy management. They help businesses save on-demand changes, provide essential backup power during grid outages, and, most importantly, facilitate the economical and sustainable running of companies. 

Though there are various benefits to installing industrial power inverters, here are a few of the more important and effective ones. 

Essential for demand charge management

With most facilities requiring paying up to 30-70% of overall demand energy charges based on their peak electricity usage, inverters can help to reduce the amount substantially.

They do it by discharging the necessary energy during the highest periods of its usage. This, in turn, helps reduce loads during peak periods, and in turn, reduces the facility’s demand charges. 

Helps in shifting loads

Many facilities adopt the practice of load shifting mainly because it reduces energy expenditure. If you wonder what load shifting involves, it’s where unique algorithms analyze consumption patterns and storage efficiency. It, in turn, determines the best time to charge and discharge the inverters’ stored energy.


It, in the process, ensures using the highest load during non-peak hours. This helps ensure the use of industrial power inverters as another best cost-saving potential. 

Whether you know it or not, there are many other ways where industrial power inverters help reduce your energy management costs. You can turn to Exeltech professionals for a better explanation of the concept.