You may be planning to buy industrial power inverters, and want to know how much of an investment it will be. You will be surprised to know that there is no straight answer to the question ‘How much is a power inverter?”.


Well, it’s because there are so many brands, models, and types in the market to choose from. They come at different rates, so you need to do your research to find your answer. Of course, you can always ask the inverter manufacturer for quotes, but some additional research is still welcome.

Here are the main factors that ascertain how much inverters cost.

1. Output capacity

The output capacity is the most significant determinant for an inverter’s costs. As expected, the higher is the output, the higher the price is. So if all other factors are right, an inverter generating 4,500 watts will be more expensive than an inverter generating 3,500 watts of power.

2. Brand

As with any product, brand popularity is another critical factor influencing an inverter’s cost. Products from the more popular and established firms will be more expensive than something from a new company in the market.
So an inverter from Exeltech will be more costly than an inverter from an obscure brand, even if both have the same features.

3. Safety

Not all inverters are built equal in terms of safety. Some of them have more safety features than others, and will thus be more expensive than others. For example, inverters with protection from possible overload and high voltage will be more costly than an inverter that’s resident to only high voltage.

4. Age

How old is the inverter? By age, it means how many years has the model been around? An inverter that’s been tested and trusted well, and with good reviews will cost more than a newbie inverter model.

So you see, there are many factors to consider if someone asks how much an inverter is. That’s why it’s better to compare rates before deciding on the best industrial power inverters to buy.