A Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification establishes that a power inverter is designed to perform under certain conditions for which standard inverters would not be suitable. Of the three levels of NEBS certification, Level 3 certification offers the most protection against adverse conditions in the work environment, such as the ones listed below, among others.

Continuous Vibration

Work environments that contain assembly lines, manufacturing equipment, and other hardware that cause continuous, low-level to mid-level vibration can incapacitate standard inverters by causing components inside the equipment housing to break and and become displaced. Equipment with a Level 3 certification are designed to withstand vibration and keep going strong.

Airborne Contaminants

Airborne contaminants tend to cause two problems for electricity conduction equipment: they leave behind residues that accumulate on components, and they emit toxic vapor that can cause corrosion. Cleaning the inverter regularly can help negate the effects of contaminants on its components. However, using a product with a Level 3 certification largely eliminates the need for this.

Unusual Acoustics

NEBS Level 3 equipment is designed to withstand unique acoustics. In some work environments, the strength of sound waves from sound sources can be of such magnitude that they cause an inverter to vibrate. If the environment in which you need to place an inverter has unusual acoustics, implementing a Level 3 product is the most reliable option.

Residual Moisture

Environments that contain a steady level of residual moisture are known for causing metal to oxidize and show signs of corrosion. In many cases, the damage goes undiscovered until it is too late; parts inside the equipment housing gradually rust, and must be replaced, or a new inverter must be purchased. A Level 3 certification helps protect against the effects of moisture.

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If your company needs a NEBS certified power inverter, it is important to determine what level of certification is needed. When it comes to choosing an inverter that can withstand the adverse conditions listed above, among others, a product that has Level 3 certification is ideal.

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