One of the greatest benefits of pure sine wave inverters is their efficiency. Sine waves, the basic AC waveform of AC, creates two types of sine inverters. Modified sine inverters have power to handle some energy loads and provide fluctuating output voltages, such as found in less sensitive appliances like phone chargers and heaters. Their design lets them work with equipment lacking a start-up surge. As a result, this type of inverter is easier to make and less expensive to purchase.

Pure sine wave inverters reflect sophisticated technology and the ability to match or exceed the typical level of power found in a conventional home or business These industrial power inverters withstand the rigorous demands of industrial and commercial use. Heating is minimal because of the reduced harmonics. However, the inverter is still able to start motor loads quickly in items like variable speed motors, laser printers, and medical equipment.

Advantages of Sine Wave Inverters

A few distinct advantages of pure sine wave inverters include work efficiency and reduced overheating. They also:

  • Reduce noise in answering machines, fluorescent lights, and televisions.
  • Help microwaves cook foods more quickly.
  • Prevent monitor problems.

Stock inverters take care of many users by including similar requirements in one unit. Custom inverters are built to handle specific needs, including those created by the following workplace conditions.

  1. Impact: Some work environments include the possibility of something heavy being dropped on or accidentally falling on inverters. These units are built to resist damage caused by impact.
  2. Quiet operation: Industrial power inverters are designed to be quiet while operating. Pure sine wave inverters, for example, are ideal in environments where noise should be kept to a minimum, such as recovery units in hospitals.
  3. Reduced Particle Accumulation: Manufacturing products in an industrial environment results in miniscule airborne particles such as sawdust, metal shavings, and small bits of fabric. Custom inverters are built to reduce or prevent interference with electrical contacts, thus reducing any effect on how the equipment works.

If your business or industry uses sine wave inverters, contact us for additional information about customized inverters for equipment needs.