The reliability and capability of power inverters start with the manufacturing process. We typically evaluate equipment after it shows what it can do. But the potential for poor inverter performance may be identified by evaluating inverter manufacturers before the sale. If you need to develop a process for vetting inverter manufacturers, using the five questions below is a good place to start.

1. Does the company perform all manufacturing phases in-house?

You ideally want a manufacturer that performs manufacturing in-house. Inverters that are manufactured by multiple parties aren’t necessarily bad, but it’s tough to judge the quality control that went into the manufacturing process, as it would require the evaluation of more than one manufacturer.

2. Does the company offer an inverter maintenance plan?

Many manufacturers offer some type of maintenance plan. Maintenance is often free for a short period of time, with the option to enter a paid maintenance plan after free maintenance ends. If you’ll need maintenance, don’t assume a manufacturer offers it. Ask about it upfront.

3. Does the company offer custom models in addition to stock models?

Most inverter users can meet their needs with a stock inverter that’s finished and ready to ship. This is why inverter manufacturers generally earn most of their revenue from stock model inverters. However, because your inverter needs can change, it’s best to choose a company that does custom equipment, so the option will be there if you need it.

4. Does the company offer inverter product certifications you may need?

Product certifications for inverters fall into two basic categories: certifications that must be implemented based on laws at the municipal or state level (e.g., RoHS), and certifications that are needed due to conditions in the inverter’s operating environment (e.g., NEBS Level 3).

If you need product certifications, make sure they’re on the table before you buy.

5. What type of warranty program does the company offer?

Some warranty programs only last a few months — a period of time when a new inverter is unlikely to reveal quality issues that result from standard wear. Focus on manufacturers that offer a one-year warranty and replace or repair any defections during that time.

Just be sure to read the terms of the warranty to see what the manufacturer considers “proper use” for the inverter. A warranty almost never covers problems resulting from improper use.

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