Like other types of equipment manufacturers, inverter manufacturers can differ from each other in important ways. For companies that need to invest in power inverters, evaluating inverter manufacturers is a crucial part of assessing whether the equipment they sell offers what is needed, and what level of customer service is provided. If you need more information about inverter manufacturers and how to properly evaluate them, the answers below should help.

Is it important to buy direct from the manufacturer?

There are at least three reasons to buy an inverter from the company that designed it. First, you are likely to receive more technical assistance than if you buy from a vendor that operates as a middleman. Second, a company that controls its own manufacturing process is less likely to use cheap, unreliable parts. Third, when you order direct from the manufacturer, you buy a power inverter from the party that understands how the equipment functions in each and every respect.

What product certifications should an inverter have?

The product certifications an inverter requires depends on the final application of the device. For example, inverters that will be used in environments that feature airborne contaminants, heavy vibration, unusual acoustics, high moisture, or other unusual operating conditions typically need to have a NEBS Level 3 certification. Depending on its environment, other examples of certifications that an inverter may need are RoHS certification and TUV – TL9000 certification.

How should a manufacturer’s BBB record be evaluated?

A company’s record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is typically evaluated using two criteria: the letter grade the BBB assigns to the company, and the status of customer complaints on the company’s record. It isn’t uncommon for a good company to receive a few customer complaints. The problem is when a company neglects to resolve the complaints and leaves customers hanging. Always choose a company that has no unresolved customer complaints.

Is it worthwhile to ask a manufacturer for references?

Speaking to a manufacturer’s customer references can give you an insight into how the company treats customers and whether its products work as well as claimed. However, merely speaking with two or three references that the company provides may not be very helpful, as these references tend to be the best ones the company has. Speaking with a total of eight references should give you a better insight into the company’s service and product quality.

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