Pure sine wave inverter manufacturers, like Exeltech, have sworn to manufacture quality sine wave inverters. Their dedication in their productivity has led to their growing into one of the innovators in the DC to AC power product market.

They are known for producing the smallest, and the lightest high-frequency PWM sine wave inverter. They are also famous for producing the first N+1 redundant inverter systems that are available in a modular and swappable design. Besides, all the designing and manufacturing of their products is conducted in their Fort Worth, Texas facility.

Production of quality products

All this is possible mainly because the company focuses on producing quality products. They use the help of surface mount technology in the manufacture of sine wave inverters.

Their inverters are manufactured using a ‘Pick and place’ system where standardized parts are used for all models. This helps minimize setup time while eliminating the chances of any errors occurring while reloading and setting up machines.

However, the company does do some things manually. For example, they manually add large capacitors and magnetics to minimize the chances of any error through automation.

No hand soldering

The company also used vapor phase reflow in the inverter manufacturing process. This is done to eliminate the need for hand soldering. The use of PCBs for interconnectivity eliminates the need for Point to Point wiring.

With Exeltech using extruded aluminum for mechanics, they have managed to reduce the number of nut/bolt and screw points in their products. The number has been reduced to as much as a fourth of the amount that was used while manufacturing previous inverters. They have also increased the inverters’ heat dissipation efficiency, which has an integral part in the product’s functional form and working.

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