Looking for quality sine wave inverters should be a simple task. After all, there are certain specific items that define how inverters are built so consumers can determine which units work best with their equipment. Definitions, however, are sometimes misleading. Some companies create titles, descriptions, or pictures that detract from the facts and lead to tainted impressions of their product. This marketing tactic ends up confusing even knowledgeable buyers about value and capabilities. New customers and sales only last for a short time, however, once inferior or incorrect inverters fail. The resulting downtime and damaged equipment are not worth the fancy words.

Rating inverters by Volt-Amps (VA) gives an impression of more power when compared to Exeltech’s 2K watt power inverters. Inverter power is not determined by VA. It is rated in watts, and companies adorning their product to make it look better by referring to VA are not demonstrating respect for their clients.

What are some of the ways to evaluate 2K watt power inverters? After all, both custom and stock look about the same.

Ask how each brand builds their sine wave inverters. Exeltech’s XP series is clean and better regulated than other DC inverters on the market today. Its non-linear control loop yields pure output with any load. Three circuits guard against overloading. The XP-2000 features a three-second supply of twice its usual output power to start a motor. This data is useful for comparisons.

Find out if the company is able or willing to deal with special requirements. The mere assurance that an item meets all compliance standards isn’t good enough. Specific construction materials may be essential. Some projects require performance specifications and equipment certifications to fulfill demands. This is a common demand for electricity conduction equipment.

Request an explanation for suggested custom supplies. Although more expensive and in need of additional time to prepare, there’s a possibility your equipment needs a custom power inverter to operate properly. Always question anything that doesn’t make sense or seems more like window dressing than a mandatory expense. If you can’t have an open, informative conversation with a proposed supplier, it is time to take your business elsewhere.

Exeltech technicians will discuss the various steps needed to keep warranties in force and what you should know about proper inverter maintenance and upgrades. We’ve been in business for more than two decades and look forward to your business. Call us today at 800-886-4683 to learn more about our products and services.