Like most other products, the quality of power inverters is largely shaped by the manufacturers that produce them. The customer service experience for inverter buyers is also primarily defined by inverter manufacturers. How should your company or organization go about identifying manufacturers that are poised to deliver high-quality equipment and excellent customer service? Several criteria can be used, with the criteria listed below being four of the most important ones.

1. Manufacturing Oversight

Some inverter manufacturers oversee the production of their products firsthand, while other manufacturers outsource production to a third party. Getting your equipment from a manufacturer that directly oversees production is typically the best option, as this type of manufacturer can ensure that all quality control measures are properly implemented.

2. Years in Business

If you buy an inverter from a company that makes its own equipment, you want the company to remain in business, as it is generally unparalleled in its ability to provide answers about its own equipment. Because companies that have a short business history are the most prone to go out of business, focus on choosing a manufacturer that has been in business for at least ten years.

3. Areas of Specialization

Many inverter manufacturers have different specialties in terms of the equipment they produce. For example, some manufacturers specialize in producing equipment for military applications, while others specialize in creating hardware for industrial applications or commercial applications. Focus on choosing a company that makes equipment for your area of application.

4. Technical Assistance

If your company or organization doesn’t employ maintenance workers who have an excellent grasp of electricity conduction equipment, be sure to choose a manufacturer that offers you the pre-sale and post-sale technical assistance that you need to select the right inverter and implement it, respectively. Otherwise, you may need to hire a third party to address your needs.

Looking for an Inverter Manufacturer?

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