Rack mount power inverters are similar to rack mount servers regarding how they’re typically positioned and the accessories needed to position them. The difference is that servers are usually mounted in a special cabinet made for that purpose, while power inverters may be mounted in numerous spaces in various work environments. With this in mind, we take a look at four hidden benefits of using rack mount inverter accessories to mount inverters.

1. Easier Maintenance Access

Rack mount inverters are commonly mounted at the chest level or waist level of an average size person. This position can make the equipment easier to inspect and clean as a part of scheduled maintenance. If your facility has several inverters running at any given time, rack mounting them can help increase productivity when it comes to maintenance operations.

2. Helps Preserve Floor Space

Rack mount inverter accessories take inverters off of the floor and place them in an elevated position. If floor space is at a premium in your work environment, and you need to implement an inverter, rack mounting the equipment will essentially eliminate its footprint and save space, as well as providing access to the other important benefits listed here.

3. Helps Promote Heat Release

As with other types of equipment that generate heat, an inverter that is mounted in an open space can radiate heat away from the heat source with greater ease. Many inverters have an internal thermostat that makes them power off when they start to overheat. It’s a nice safety feature; however, in terms of productivity, keeping the equipment powered on is the goal.

4. Easier to Fit in Work Spaces

In some situations, the ideal place for an inverter is close to the equipment it serves, as it helps simplify troubleshooting if something goes electrically wrong with the equipment. For example, an inverter that serves an auto production line might be mounted at the beginning or end of the line. Rack mount inverter accessories can make inverters easier to place in challenging spaces.

Need to Rack Mount an Inverter?

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