Are all industrial power inverters alike? Not by a long shot. Power and technology are designed to be compatible just about anywhere if installation and a suitable inverter are correctly matched. The following hints will make it easier to determine how much power is needed so you can determine which type of unit/s fit company requirements.

1.Calculate the right size.

It takes a bit of math to figure out what size power inverters are needed for your business. Decide which items will receive the converted power from DC to AC. For instance, long-haul truckers use an inverter to run electrical items such as a coffee maker and TV set while stopped for the night or breaks. Calculating wattage and power surges are just two factors that help determine the correct size.

2.Performance is better than appearance.

It’s tempting to select a huge unit when price doesn’t matter, but it is more important to pick a model that meets the needs of your business. The assortment of industrial power inverters available is impressive. Go over what is needed with the manufacturer to be sure the inverter you buy is designed for a longevity and performance. Initial sticker shock will fade as power requirements continue to be met time and again.

3.Think outside the box.

Do the power requirements of your business fluctuate on a regular business? Why not consider the advantage of an industrial power modular inverter assembly? Compensate for the initial cost by adding compliant extra inverters to the open slots of the chassis as needed. It’s a cost-effective way of being ready for current and future performance demands.

4.Stock models might do the job.

A custom inverter is dependable because it is built to the specifications you provide. Always ask the manufacturer if there is a comparable item in their industrial stock inventory that will handle the load required by your equipment.

With more than 25 years of experience creating custom and stock industrial power inverters, Exeltech is prepared to manufacture the product that meets the requirements of your business. Visit our site at for additional information and assistance.