Most power inverters that are sold in the U.S. and beyond consist of standard, ready made equipment that can meet the needs of a broad swath of end users. However, there are also plenty of situations that justify the creation of custom power inverters, such as high wattage loads and adverse conditions in the operating environment. When elements such as these are present, custom power inverters are typically a good investment for the following four reasons.

1. Less Unexpected Downtime

When they are designed with a specific operating environment in mind, custom inverters tend to experience less unexpected downtime than readymade equipment that is not a perfect match for the environment in question. Less unexpected downtime means fewer halts in productivity.

2. Great Equipment Lifespan

Custom inverters have an excellent lifespan when they are designed to meet a specific set of operating requirements. Conversely, readymade inverters often experience a poor lifespan when they are implemented in a space whose conditions they aren’t designed to withstand.

3. Fewer Equipment Repairs

Because custom power inverters can be designed to accommodate a specific set of operating conditions, they tend need fewer repairs as a result of adverse operating conditions. Custom inverters should still be serviced regularly for maintenance, but they infrequently need repairs.   

4. Highly Flexible to Change

Custom power inverters can be created to be highly flexible to changes in the operating environment. For example, if your inverters have a NEBS Level 3 certification, they can perform well under new, adverse conditions that characterize a changing operating environment, such as airborne contaminants, unusual temperatures, unusual acoustics, high moisture, and more.

Need Custom Power Inverters?

If your company or organization is in the market for custom power inverters, Exeltech can create equipment that meets your needs. We have years of experience in creating custom inverters for commercial, industrial and military applications that deliver the benefits above, among others. To get started on creating the custom inverters you need, call us today at (800) 886-4683, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to providing you with the best custom product!