When they need an inverter, most companies buy a mass produced model that can be quickly implemented within the electrical system. However, there are also situations in which ready made inverters don’t meet a company’s power needs. In these situations, investing in a custom inverter is often the best option. Below are four common signs that a company needs a custom inverter instead of one that is mass produced to accommodate a broad range of end users.

Adverse Operating Conditions

Many inverters aren’t made to withstand adverse operating conditions, such as heavy vibration, extreme temperatures, unusual acoustics, and high moisture. If you need equipment that can withstand such conditions, buying custom equipment that has level 3 Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification is an excellent option. A custom inverter with level 3 NEBS certification can withstand the adverse operating conditions above, among others.

Need Special Equipment Housing

If you need an inverter whose housing is rigidly constructed to protect sensitive components in the device from damage that could result from something falling and hitting it, Exeltech can create a custom inverter that has the housing it needs to survive and thrive in the toughest industrial work environments. Using a standard inverter in such environments can cause the device to prematurely fail during service and necessitate buying a new, better suited inverter.

Need More Load Capacity

If you need an inverter that has a high load rating, and you aren’t interested in stacking inverters in a series to increase load capacity, having a custom inverter created is the best option. Buying a single inverter that meets your load capacity needs is typically less expensive than stacking several inverters in a series to increase load capacity. Investing in a single inverter also preserves space in the work environment and involves a less complicated installation process.

Impossible to Find the Right Model

The most obvious sign that you need custom equipment is the inability to find an inverter that combines all of your company’s power inverter needs in a single piece of equipment. If the right model of inverter for your needs simply cannot be found on store shelves or in online stores, letting Exeltech create an inverter that meets your power needs is the best option. We can have your new, custom made inverter ready for implementation in a short period of time.

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If you can’t find an inverter that offers the equipment housing, load capacity, and ability to perform under adverse conditions that your company needs, investing in custom inverter from Exeltech may be the best alternative. If you need a custom inverter, you can partner with us to create custom equipment that meets all of your inverter needs. For more information about our custom equipment services, call us today at (800) 886-4683, or use our contact form.