If you plan to purchase a power inverter, it is important to investigate the product before you buy it to ensure that it offers the features you need in a power inverter. Inverter manufacturers can expedite your investigation by revealing the load capacity of the device, the construction grade of the equipment, whether the product has special certifications, and the operability requirements of the device in terms of how and where it will be used. Below is an overview of each factor.

Load Capacity

When they are shopping for a bargain, some companies unwittingly purchase an inverter that doesn’t offer enough load capacity. While inverters that have a moderate load capacity may cost less than ones that have a high load capacity, they cannot be expected to perform efficiently, and they often fail prematurely. By advertising the load capacity of their inverters, inverter manufacturers make it easier for their customers to choose a product with the proper load rating.

Construction Grade

Do you need an inverter that is designed to use in an industrial environment, a commercial environment, or a residential environment? Because the construction grade can have a major impact on longevity, it is important to determine exactly which construction grade you need. It is difficult to judge an inverter’s construction grade looking at photos of it on the internet. Consequently, manufacturers should ideally advertise the construction grade of their products.

Product Certifications

Product certifications can tell you much about the environments in which an inverter can be used. For example, equipment that contains a level three Network Building-Equipment System (NEBS) certification is designed to operate under numerous adverse conditions, including: high heat, unusual acoustics, high moisture, and heavy vibration. Other important certifications include Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) certification and TUV-TL900 certification.

Operating Environment

Many inverters are designed to operate in a specific type of environment, such as an indoor space where adverse operating conditions are non-existent, or an outdoor space that exposes the device to various stressors. Product certifications — particularly NEBS certifications — can offer much insight into how and where an inverter can be used effectively. Even so, inverter manufacturers should clearly present the information in the device’s product description.

Exeltech Can Help With Your Inverter Needs!

Unless you know the load capacity, construction grade, product certifications, and operating environment of an inverter, it is difficult to determine whether the equipment would meet your needs. This is why Exeltech lists every important aspect of our inverters in online product descriptions and associated web pages. For assistance choosing the right model of power inverter for your company’s needs, call us today at (800) 886-4683, or use our contact form.