Most inverter manufacturers are reputable companies that put the needs of customers first. However, as happens in almost every industry, there are also some inverter manufacturers that are simply dedicated to making sales, even if it means withholding information that would likely make some prospective customers decide to choose a different inverter manufacturer. Below are four types of information that unscrupulous manufacturers may try to keep private.

More Than One Party Handles the Manufacturing Process

Most customers would prefer to buy an inverter that comes from a single manufacturer. The reason why is obvious: the more parties that facilitate the production process, the harder it is to assess product quality. What if a third party to the production process uses cheap parts that don’t last as long as expected? What if quality control is performed by a party besides the primary manufacturer? Buying a product from a single manufacturer helps allay these concerns.

All Levels of NEBS Certification for Inverters are not Equal

If you need an inverter that has a NEBS certification, it is important to assess which level of certification you need: Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. This is because some manufacturers will try to sell you a NEBS certified inverter without regard for the level of certification you need, especially if they don’t stock inverters that have that level of certification. Before you purchase a NEBS certified inverter, become familiar with the levels of certification and what they offer.

If You Require a Custom Inverter, One can be Created

Only an unscrupulous inverter manufacturer would pretend as if your only option is to buy a ready made inverter, as opposed to purchasing one that is custom designed to address your requirements. While it’s true that some manufacturers only offer pre-designed products, it is equally true that some manufacturers can produce elite custom products. If readymade inverters simply don’t meet your needs, contact a company that can make custom inverters.

An Inverter’s Construction Grade Impacts Its Performance

If you contacted a provider of commercial grade inverters in search of industrial grade equipment, the company should tell you to contact a provider that offers the grade of construction you need. However, that isn’t always what happens. Instead of pointing you in the right direction, some manufacturers try to sell you a product that doesn’t meet your specific needs, while pretending as if it would. In terms of product performance and lifespan, it’s important to choose a product that’s designed for the environment in which it will operate.

Need assistance choosing the right type of inverter?

If so, the inverter specialists at Exeltech are here to help. We are an inverter manufacturer that offers the highest quality inverters for commercial and industrial operating environments — a level of quality we carefully control by overseeing the production process. If you need an inverter with Level 3 NEBS certification, we have them. If one of our readymade products doesn’t meet your needs, we can create a custom product that perfectly meets your requirements.

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